Ashley Fehr

Meet Ashley…

Her living legacy of serving and giving back began well before she was ever in another’s employ. Being able to provide value – to enhance the lives of others – is so deeply rooted you can literally see a service gene in her DNA.

Whether she was the teacher playing school with her childhood friends or the helping hand keeping things running smoothly at work and church, her ability to make everything better – to make people stronger – has always been clear.


The Teacher

Ashley began her teaching journey at the young age of five. She enjoyed keeping her students on task…making sure they did their assignments on time and to the best of their abilities. A couple of decades later she became a certified teacher in Cincinnati. And later, Mexico.

Have you ever had to hold fundraising events in order to eat or pay your bills? No? Ashley has.

During her time teaching and serving with Back2Back Ministries, an orphanage in Monterrey, Mexico, Ashley raised awareness (and more than a few pennies) explaining her mission to educate the less-privileged to potential donors, friends, and family.

“My time working with those amazing young people opened my eyes to a whole new world. I couldn’t be more grateful for that experience.”

Having that level of dedication to others, a dedication so strong it moves you to a different country, takes a BIG heart!

Ashley brings this outstanding level of humility and servant-leadership to AMEND every day. She pushes us to bring these same values to our clients in the same way.


The Improver

When a new opportunity knocked, guess who answered? (We’ll give you a hint. The answer starts with an A and ends with an s-h-l-e-y.) 

Ashley easily transitioned her passion for making everything better to the corporate world. Her work at companies like FORTE and Paycor helped them grow and achieve their overall corporate goals.

Her ability to quickly make solid decisions and juggle the schedules of many to ensure the right people were in the right (and best possible) place at all times kept teams on track and helped make sure goals were accomplished.

Ashley uses these same superhuman cat-herding abilities here at AMEND daily. Without them, many of our clients and partners would find themselves having to wait months to meet with our key leaders (completely unacceptable).

AMEND is better thanks to Ashley’s efforts. Her flexibility, organizational skills, and endless energy help us generate results much quicker than traditional consulting groups.


The Dynamite

Because AMEND is growing extremely rapidly and fulfilling our mission in so many different places, Ashley’s steady decision-making makes a difference daily.

And, talk about a firecracker! Ashley delivers high-energy and positivity always. She’s that positive force that every organization NEEDS. Her personal motto is, “Be bold. Be brave. Take chances. Live like there is no tomorrow!” It’s this drive and excitement for the future that helps us bring value to our clients and partners day in and day out!