How a Small Company Built a Culture of Giving

By Ruby Cimmarusti

Passionate. Invested. Tenacious. Authentic. All of these qualities are commonalities that tie together the people of AMEND, written into the values of the company. Anyone could recognize these qualities just by coming into the office and interacting with the people that make up the AMEND team. However, another common quality you’d quickly discover is philanthropic. A significant number of AMEND employees play a meaningful role in one or more nonprofit organizations in Cincinnati, with a wide range of missions and causes. Together, the entire AMEND team has created a culture of giving.

So how does a small company have such a large number of employees who are willing to put their time and talents into improving the community around them? Where does all of this generosity come from?

It’s Organic.

Brett Santoferraro, Director at AMEND, has been with the company for four years, and he attributes the culture of giving to the employee recruitment process. “Part of our business slogan is ‘changing lives, transforming businesses,’” said Santoferraro. “We hire people based on their personal values just as much as we do on their technical skills and aptitude. As a result of that, our team members are naturally looking for ways to give back.” 

Santoferraro joined the AMEND team full-time in 2015, and it didn’t take him long to start making an impact. He reached out to Dave Phillips, who sat on AMEND’s board. Phillips and his wife, Liane, founded the organization Cincinnati Works in 1996, and since then, it has grown tremendously. The vision of the organization is to lead the effort in eliminating poverty in the community, and they do that by providing workforce connections, job placement, job readiness and financial literacy training to people who may not have the resources to find and keep employment. 

Santoferraro began volunteering with Cincinnati Works in January of 2017, and by the end of the year, became a member of the Young Professionals Board within the organization. He assists in planning events, holding mock interviews for members, and leading fundraising efforts. When asked where he thinks this spirit of generosity came from, he answered for the entirety of AMEND: “I think it’s organic, that it naturally comes out of the team. Because again, none of this is mandatory, right? It’s always optional, it’s always on people’s free time. So I would say that it’s just who we are, it’s who we hire. It’s the type of people who make up our team.”

It’s Instilled.

Other employees believe that the culture of giving is purposefully established in the company. Paul Bessire, VP Analytics at AMEND, considers the partners of the company to be the biggest drivers of this. When Bessire joined the team in 2017, he had already been very involved with the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, an organization that works to further MS research and offer resources and support to those suffering from MS. Since 2014, he had been a member of the organization’s leadership class, joined the board of trustees, and most recently, was elected as the chapter’s vice chair. Bessire recalled, “I wasn’t even full-time at AMEND yet, and the first thing I heard from the partners when I said I was a part of the MS Society was, ‘How can we get involved?’” 

That year, the company’s partners purchased a table at the society’s annual Dinner of Champions fundraiser, which was only the first step of AMEND’s involvement with the MS Society. Now, as a way to honor someone’s involvement and commitment, AMEND nominates one team member for the MS Society’s leadership class every year. Bessire concluded, “I feel like there’s a tangible energy in this organization around changing lives for the better, giving back, and using our inherent skills to help people. And that is at the core of the culture that led me to want to be a part of AMEND.” 

It’s a Little Bit of Both.

Craig Todd, CEO and co-founder of AMEND Consulting, was able to give a bit of background and insight into the culture that has been achieved within AMEND’s team. Thinking back to when the company was founded 14 years ago, Todd said, “Giving back was always a big thing that we wanted to do. Even before we added any other partners, David Velie and I were giving 6% of our top-line revenue to charity. Things changed as we added more and more to the team. We wanted to encourage the right behavior, and that’s when we added the 3 to 1 match program.” Beginning in 2015, for every donation that an employee gave to an organization of their choice, AMEND contributed three times the original amount to the donation. As the company grows, the importance of philanthropy and giving back also grows and remains just as much of a priority. “The impact doesn’t flatline, it’s growing with us. And while that encourages charitable giving,” Todd continued, “I also believe it’s the type of people that AMEND employees are to begin with: incredibly giving. It’s never a surprise how giving our team is. I’m incredibly proud of the phenomenal people we have in our AMEND family.” 

At AMEND Consulting, team members know that if they express a desire to give back, AMEND will absolutely go out of the way to seek opportunities for them to get involved in. With a mission statement that includes the bettering of the community around them, it’s no question that AMEND Consulting is changing countless lives – not just by transforming businesses.


AMEND Analytics Team Teaches BI at UC Analytics Summit

by Alaina Monroe


This week, Business Intelligence experts from AMEND Consulting taught the first ever Advanced Power BI Course at the UC Center for Business Analytics’ annual Analytics Summit. The conference took place from April 1-3 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and hosted over 350 attendees from a wide array of companies, including P&G, Cintas, and Mitsubishi Electric. 

Geoff Marsh, Derek Sasthav, and Gabe Welp taught the 2-day Advanced Power BI course to industry practitioners who had experience using Power BI but wanted to take their skills to the next level. Marsh aimed to “educate the market on how to better use the Power BI tool for applied analytics” – ultimately enabling executives to drive better business decisions and add profit to their bottom line.

With the course being offered for the first time ever, instructors noticed a trend of increased Power BI use among attendees. 

“People had 1-2+ years of experience working in Power BI, so we were able to focus on higher level functionalities and work through unique problems from their specific businesses.”

Derek Sasthav, Senior Data Analyst

Power BI has seen massive growth in the past few years, separating itself as the leader in the business intelligence space according to Gartner. As momentum continues to build, Power BI is becoming an industry standard analytics tool – even for large enterprise businesses. 

In today’s climate, it’s critical to have a strong grasp on your data so it can be used to effectively drive decisions and drop dollars to your bottom line. 

If you want to sharpen your Power BI skills, come spend time with Geoff, Derek, and Gabe and register for AMEND’s next course offered this May!

New Partners, New Possibilities


One of the Nation’s Leading Mid-Marketing Consulting Firms
It’s Betting It All On New Talent, Approaches, and Frontiers



CINCINNATI, OHIO, JULY 31, 2018 – AMEND Consulting has succeeded where more than 70% of small businesses fail. They’ve successfully transitioned from a two-person consulting practice to a 5 Partner, 40+ person, mid-market powerhouse all while perfecting a groundbreaking business model that’s delivering impressive results for clients.

“The results we’re delivering now are not only making our clients more competitive – we’re making them best-in-class. The addition of leading experts like Geoff Marsh, an analytics whiz with a deep understanding of what drives a business’s success, allows us to continue to bring very advanced solutions to a market that usually gets big company leftovers. We’re able to deliver more than our clients think possible. More than they can even imagine. That’s rare and extremely exciting.”

– Bobby Smyth, President and Partner

Geoff Marsh, AMEND’s fifth partner and head of the Business Intelligence Practice, further expands AMEND’s commitment to delivering the highest level of talent and the best possible solutions for exactly the price it should cost.

AMEND Co-Founders, Craig Todd and David Velie, elevated long-time top-performers Bobby Smyth and Paul Delaney to Partners 2.5 years ago as a way to make dramatic progress towards their vision of building unbeatable businesses. This move allowed them to double their staff, their effectiveness, and their impact – achieving their goals in 3 years versus 7-10. 

AMEND is accelerating their client’s success in the same way. More than 50 clients have already benefited from the advanced thinking and solutions Geoff and his analytics team brings. He has transformed AMEND’s approach to business – and that of their clients.

Gorilla Glue and Pilot Chemical have experienced big transformations. Their actions are now directly tied to their strategy. There’s more visibility, accountability, and action. They are now able to make smarter decisions faster, which gives them a sharp competitive edge their competitors will have a tough time topping.

“We are beyond THRILLED with the results we’ve achieved through our work with AMEND. We didn’t ask for anything like [our final solution] because we didn’t know anything like this was possible. Now that we have it, there’s no going back.”

– CFO, Gorilla Glue

AMEND has found a way to bring in some of the most talented leaders in the country for the benefit of their clients.  

“Traditional businesses have products that set them apart. We have people. Outstanding people who have chosen to join our team over the likes of P&G, GE, Google, and Apple – some of the world’s best. Our clients rarely have access to this level of talent. We’ve built a model that makes world-class talent and solutions accessible.”

– Paul Delaney, Partner and Chief People Officer

This deep commitment to excellence – to ensuring the best methods, practices, and talent are available to the underserved middle market – is helping these vital companies that grow the economy strengthen their businesses while defining lasting competitive advantages.

“We created AMEND 15 years ago because we wanted to help more than one company achieve operational excellence. Now, being great at operations is cost of entry. To help our clients define real, lasting competitive advantages we must have the team our clients need now AND five to ten years from now. It’s the only way to help them become truly unbeatable.

We’re deeply committed to making this happen. We’re risking everything for it.”

– Craig Todd, Co-Founder



AMEND is a mid-market management consulting firm dedicated to building unbeatable businesses by creating endless competitive advantages.

Double, triple, even quadruple-digit improvements are always realized – typically in 6 months or less. (See our impact here: Our formula for success is straightforward and proven, fueling our client’s success for more almost two decades.


The Ultimate 1-2 Profit Punch

Profit or perish… There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs.
Fred DeLuca


Increasing profit. This is exactly why we’re excited to announce our partnership with SalesCORE, the leading sales consulting firm in the region.

“We are committed to Building Unbeatable Businesses. You can’t be unbeatable if you’re not making a profit. And, as Fred DeLuca so perfectly points out, there are two ways to make this happen – sell more and stay lean. We’ve been helping companies create endless internal competitive advantages by driving strategic alignment and action, optimizing operations, and building cultures that attract and retain top talent for over a decade. That’s where we’ve had to stop…until now.” – Craig Todd, CEO, AMEND Consulting


Sales are to businesses like oxygen is to humans.   (Inc. Magazine)

Strong internal performance doesn’t always drive an increase in profit. Strong external performance doesn’t always drive an increase in profit. Our clients often need improvements in BOTH areas to deliver the growth and profit they want.

Our partnership with SalesCORE fills our last gap – sales performance improvement. Now we have the ability to confidently cover all profit-impacting areas for our clients.

“We have to stay out in front of our clients. We must have the solutions they need 6 months from now…2 years from now…5 years from now. We have to be out in front to keep them out in front. We figured this out pretty early on and have dedicated efforts to ensure this happens consistently. This approach helps us know when to create a strategic partnership (like with SalesCORE & RKCA), when to build a capability (like the investment we’ve made in business intelligence and analytics), and when to expand into entirely new territories (like AMEND Ventures).

The issues we faced in this area [sales improvement] were probably similar to the issues many of our clients face when trying to solve their own sales challenges. There are many people who claim to help solve your sales problems. When you look at what they actually do, and the results they actually achieve, however, you find there’s not much there.

Most offer training programs or seminars, a few add coaching to this mix… These approaches come up short 99.9% of the time – making them something we won’t offer to our clients. We had to have a solution that consistently delivered measurable results at the same high level of our other services. That solution is SalesCORE.” – Bobby Smyth, Partner & President, AMEND Consulting.

SalesCORE Is The Perfect Fit

“Measurable. Reliable. Proven. It’s how we’d run sales improvement efforts if we built the solution ourselves.” said Smyth. “That’s why we partnered with Pam and her team. It enabled us to start offering effective solutions to our clients immediately.”

SaleCORE delivers customized sales strategies that maximize sales performance. They work in the real world in real time to deliver real results. Their approach integrates all the elements of sales:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Standards
  • Staffing


AMEND + SalesCORE – The Ultimate 1-2 Profit Punch For Our Clients

“We often discover there are many internal forces that impact a sales team’s ability to succeed,” said Pam Beigh, SalesCORE Founder and CEO. “When sales and operations are not aligned in a business, you put a huge obstacle in front of your team.”

We’re committed to removing these obstacles so you can more sell more, spend less, and make more money.

“I’m excited for our clients. Sales almost always comes up as a problem area and we’ve never had a strong solution. Now we do. Our clients have immediate access to the knowledge and experts they need to improve their sales performance and build into their sales teams.” said Todd. “Our clients now have all they need to be [virtually] unstoppable.”


Ready to start improving your sales performance? JOIN US as Pam and her team help us explore The New Sales Frontier and The Power of Engagement.


“This presentation is the one to see. Pam Beigh and her SalesCORE staff are the experts who are constantly abreast of sales changes” – Steve Hater, Membership Director, The Goering Center


This interactive, 90-minute program allows you to:

  • Identify what engagement looks like to the customer from all levels of your organization.
  • Understand the new sales mentality and how to identify it in sales talent.
  • Engage this new type of sales talent to win business consistently.
  • Gain ideas on how to level the playing field in a buyer centric marketplace.
  • Develop a timetable to allow you to start making changes now.

When: 10.26.2017 | 7:30 – 9:30 am

Where: USquare on the Loop, 225 Calhoun Street, Suite 359, Cincinnati, OH

Cost: We’re celebrating our new partnership…this one’s on us!


Read the article about the AMEND/SaleCORE partnership here.

AMEND Ventures Featured in Cincinnati Business Courier

David Velie, AMEND Founder, and AMEND Ventures CEO, recently caught up with Steve Watkins from the Cincinnati Business Courier to share some of our plans for helping the Queen City reign supreme.


Q: What’s AMEND Ventures all about?

A: We want to help local companies grow and we want to support the local economy. That’s it – that’s what we’re all about – changing lives, transforming businesses, and growing communities.


Q: What’s your motivation? What’s driving this change for AMEND?

A: We’re excited about what’s going on in this city. This is more than our home, it’s our hometown. We’re rooted here, invested here. We love seeing stories about how the startup scene is exploding in Cincinnati, how it’s one of the best cities to live and work, and how manufacturers are finding great success here. Our motivation is simple – we want to do all we can to help Cincinnati be the best damn city in the midwest.


Q: How does AMEND Ventures fit with your existing consulting business?

A: AMEND Ventures is a perfect extension of our mission. We’ve been working with talented, middle market business leaders to improve their performance and grow at a faster rate for more than a decade. We love this work and it will continue to grow as we move forward.

We’re now looking to extend our operational and professional management skills and expertise to local start-up companies; to create more jobs, more opportunities, more prosperity.


Q: Why take the ‘investment’ path? Why partner with startups instead of just extending your consulting services to this new group?

A: We’re not putting in 14, 16, 18-hours+ every day for the money and we’re not just tossing cash around like a traditional investment firm. We have no interest in making great returns on the sweat equity of others.

We’re moving down this path because it’s part of our life-long mission. We’re called to change and transform – ourselves, others around us, and our community.

We founded AMEND Consulting more than a decade ago to do work that’s beyond the 9 to 5. AMEND Ventures takes this initiative one step further, allowing us to come in alongside strong leaders to create higher, more sustainable returns. Our consulting work allows us to transform businesses from the inside out. Our partnership work allows us to transform lives from the company in.


Learn more about AMEND Ventures
Read the full Cincinnati Business Courier article


AMEND Ventures PR Release

One Cincinnati consulting firm is shifting into overdrive to make sure their hometown continues to thrive.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Cincinnati, OH – October 6, 2016 – AMEND LLC, a leading management consulting firm with a history of delivering impressive growth results for their clients, announced a bold initiative today – to help grow enough businesses that Cincinnati has the strongest local economy (and lowest unemployment rate) in the midwest.

David Velie and Craig Todd founded AMEND more than a decade ago with one simple mission – to change lives and transform businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. For them, consulting was more than helping businesses, it was about doing all the hard work that drives success, the work that goes well beyond the standard 9 to 5.

AMEND Ventures takes this initiative one step further, allowing the talented and diverse leaders at AMEND to come in alongside strong Cincinnati area founders and management teams to create higher, more sustainable returns.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves – asking ourselves – what more can we do to best serve the great people here in our hometown? How can we help mid-market companies grow faster so they create more jobs sooner? How can we create, or help create, a rising tide that truly floats all boats?

We know how to work with companies to solve their immediate problems. It’s work we absolutely love. It’s work that’s very satisfying. But there’s a deeper calling that’s driving us to take action. To expand our impact in ways that will help as many people as we can.”  – David Velie, AMEND Ventures, CEO

AMEND’s consulting work allows them to transform businesses from the inside out. Their partnership work allows them to transform lives from the company in. Their every effort is focused on just one thing – making Cincinnati the best damn city in the world.


David Velie
Chief Executive Officer
AMEND Ventures
2831 Stanton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 399-6300



The AMEND Ventures team is a group of business builders who are operational and strategic specialists. They partner with founders and management teams to help them rapidly grow their companies, and, in turn, these efforts create more jobs, boost the local economy, and help make Cincinnati one of the best cities east of the Mississippi.

AMEND Ventures is not a traditional private equity or investment firm. We don’t simply plug in money and hold people to ridiculous metrics or standards. We’re not all about the money. We’re about rolling up our sleeves alongside other invested leaders, and putting our expertise, and networks of resources of work to create sustainable, long-term returns for everyone.

Stewart Iron Works – Same Tradition, New Mission

AMEND is proud to call Stewart Iron Works one of our most historic clients, a true American brand with over 154 years of tradition. Within five decades, Stewart became the world’s largest fence company with over 3,000 employees. Over the past 150 years, the company has gone through various stages and divisions, even supplying the US Army with combat trucks during WWI at one point.

In 2016, the company has set out on a serious mission to demonstrate what true handmade American quality actually looks like, and is continuing to set the standard for the iron industry. By upholding the values of strength, honesty, and reputation that the founders RC and Wallace Stewart set back in 1862, Stewart Iron Works is creating beautiful, custom masterpieces that grace some of our nation’s finest landmarks, residences, attractions, and parks. The tradition of metal craftsmanship continues today and is evident in the custom ironwork still produced by hand.

We are currently hiring for a VP of Operations position. This person should be a technical and dynamic leader, and must place strong focus on safety, quality, delivery, and cost. The VP of Operations is a master decision maker who must empower his or her team to execute while guiding dozens of daily decisions in a complex pre-fab environment. This is a great opportunity to lead a company of over 150 years of reputation and tradition. Check AMEND’s recruiting page on LinkedIn to apply today.

AMEND: The Company That Makes You Want To Come To Work

You’ve heard the saying “Do what you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This saying is incredibly true, and in my opinion, AMEND makes it extremely easy to love what you do.

AMEND – A Truly Unique Company
AMEND is one of the most unique companies I have ever come across and that is why I decided to join the team.

The two most important factors for me when looking for an organization to be a part of were 1) the work, and 2) the culture. The work had to be challenging and engaging, and the culture needed to promote an environment I could fit into.

AMEND excelled in both of these areas.

The Work
When it comes to the work, I’ve been engaged and challenged since day one.

I was put in charge of an ERP system conversion at one client, and optimizing a printing process at another – during my first week!

These projects are incredible, especially for someone who just joined the organization. Very few other places, if any, provide such a high level of responsibility and client exposure…during the first week!

The opportunities AMEND provides are second to none.

The Culture
The work is great, however, the part of AMEND that really sticks out in my mind is the culture.

Growing up in Cincinnati, I have been exposed to the family atmosphere the city embraces. We are a close-knit community that loves seeing each other succeed. Many, including myself, say this is the “smallest, big city in the world.”

AMEND successfully channels their Cincinnati roots through every facet of the company.

All members of the team support one another and understand that if each individual succeeds, then we as AMEND will be able to provide the most value to our clients.

A few of my favorite cultural pieces are:

  • The running Team Appreciation group text that gives recognition to team members that are performing at a high level.
  • Our scheduled, informal office get-togethers where we play ping pong and connect outside of a work setting.
  • The Individual Development Plans (IDPs) we each create to ensure we are continually growing and developing.
  • And, my personal favorite, The Big Four Check-Ins. These meetings are designed to ensure we are doing well physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. AMEND cares about its members holistically, and to me, that is pretty special.

The Work Is Engaging. The Culture Is Inspiring.
AMEND does amazing work and has one of the strongest company cultures I have ever witnessed.

The work opportunities drew me in the door, but the family environment is what keeps me around.

When you are given the opportunity to work on engaging projects within an organization of amazing individuals, you quickly begin to love what you do. And when that happens, you find yourself excited to wake up in the morning, excited to tackle the days’ challenges, and excited that your “work” day does not feel like work at all.

Manufacturing Excellence – First Ever Manufacturing Exchange

Manufacturing excellence is the mission. Today is the day.

Today we blaze a new trail.

Today, and over the next several days, AMEND and Cincinnati Chamber executives will lead a first-of-its-kind manufacturing exchange. The purpose – to share, to learn, to grow.

“Chamber members, Enerfab, Formica, Kellogg’s and Meyer Tool will join The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and 16 other regional businesses for a manufacturing exchange trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, a top manufacturing city, September 23-25.” (According to the official press release, provided in full at the bottom of this post.)

Participants will share their highs and lows, their struggles and challenges, their solutions and celebrations.

Cincinnati manufacturing leaders will “explore manufacturing workforce challenges and solutions, Minnesota’s governmental and economic development support for its manufacturers, and best practices from about a half dozen of MSP’s best manufacturing facilities” according to Pat Sheeran, Vice President of Programs with the Cincinnati Chamber.

Five top Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturers – 3M, Boston Scientific Corporation, Lubetech, Stratasys, GE Water Tech are opening their doors for site visits, allowing Cincinnati manufacturing leaders to gain first-hand knowledge of their operations. Nine additional Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturers will also share their insights and wisdom.

Cincinnati manufacturing leaders will share their insights, wisdom, best practices and solutions in exchange.

One hot topic – The War For Talent.

According to Pat Sheeran, “Despite an average pay of $74,000 and above average benefits, 18,000 advanced manufacturing jobs will go unfilled in greater Cincinnati over the next 10 years.”

Attracting and retaining leaders and workers is more than an HR issue. It’s a matter of survival. Cincinnati manufacturing leaders will be spending a lot of time exploring how top Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturers are tackling this tough issue, returning with new talent management strategies and solutions for growing their businesses.

“Finding new solutions – that’s what this exchange is all about,” said Craig Todd, AMEND Consulting’s Managing Partner. “Helping Cincinnati manufacturers take actions that drive growth. That’s why AMEND is participating, because it’s such a strong fit with our mission. Giving manufacturing leaders the information, wisdom, and courage they need to do what needs to be done, that’s what we’re all about, and that’s exactly what this exchange will deliver.”

All told, during their three-day visit, participating Cincinnati manufacturing leaders will have the opportunity to learn from two dozen Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturing leaders, several educators, and various government leaders. (It’s not all work and no play though…a ball game, networking, and a mixer are all on the agenda too!)

It’s a bold agenda. One that will return these 16 Cincinnati manufacturing leaders ready for action – complete with new plans, fresh perspectives, and renewed energy for tackling their toughest challenges.

We couldn’t be more excited.



News Release
For Immediate Release

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Members Will Exchange Manufacturing Ideas in Minneapolis-St. Paul 20 greater Cincinnati businesses will join manufacturing exchange

CINCINNATI – September 22, 2015 – Chamber members, Enerfab, Formica, Kellogg’s and Meyer Tool will join The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and 16 other regional businesses for a manufacturing exchange trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, September 23-25.

The three-day-trip includes site visits with top Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturers, including 3M, Boston Scientific and GE Water & Process Technologies. Participants depart by Ultimate Air Shuttle at Lunken Airport, Wednesday, September 23, 1 p.m. Interviews will be available prior to take-off.

“Despite an average pay of $74,000 and above average benefits, 18,000 advanced manufacturing jobs will go unfilled in greater Cincinnati over the next 10 years,” said Chamber Vice President, Patrick Sheeran. “This trip will allow our members to visit and learn from a peer city while also taking a look at how Minneapolis-St. Paul manufacturers attract, develop and retain skilled talent.”

The manufacturing exchange trip is presented by U.S. Bank and is produced by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber in partnership with AMEND Consulting.

About the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is one of the nation’s largest chambers, representing the interests of 4,000 member businesses. Its mission is to leverage the potential of the business community to create economic prosperity for our region. The Chamber serves its membership and the Cincinnati USA community through leadership and professional development programs, government advocacy, festivals and events, regional vision and collaboration, money-saving benefit programs, networking opportunities and educational programs. For more information, visit

Issued By: Rich Walburg, Communications Director, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber


What Do You Define as Success?

“It was never about the money in any situation. If it was money, I could’ve taken that a long time ago on a very high deal. It’s about winning a Super Bowl and being fair.”

This quote is from running back Demarco Murray, talking about why he chose to leave Dallas and head to Philadelphia. He is seeking success.  By my standards, success is achieved when you align yourself with those on the same mission as you who share the same values.  By doing this, you’ve already succeeded before actually achieving your goals.

Working at a company that embodies my core values is the reason I am excited to come into work every day.

My core values are as follows:

o   Passion – Be passionate about everything I do. Find ways to intertwine my passions into elements of life that I am not passionate about, so that I may be driven and willing to put forth all of my effort.

o   Never Be Content –It is important to understand how much there is in this world. It offers so much to do, learn, and grow towards.  I am always willing to grow and push myself to improve.  I always try to learn and welcome constructive criticism. This is an extremely important value to have, in that it is extremely humbling. It serves as a constant reminder that I don’t know everything, and still have room to grow.

o   Be Where You Are – Over the course of my freshman year, I searched for a church/ministry on or near my campus. I struggled to find one to invest myself into, and I planned to stop my search. Until I had dinner with a friend who told me, “Be where you are. You are going to be in Cincinnati for the next four years, if not longer. Invest yourself here and leave your mark on this campus.” Since that conversation I now value the importance of giving myself to the community I spend my time in.

o   Give – It is essential to give what you have to those around you. Whether it be something you earned, own, possess, or were born with, nothing is too good to share with others. I consider everything in my life to be a blessing. As a blessing, that means that it can be taken away just as easily as it was given. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that I need to give what I have, while I have it.

Now to share AMEND’s Core Values:

o   Passion – We are privileged to serve our clients and drive them to become the best versions of themselves.

o   Being a Catalyst – We are the unwavering change agents who bring energy and accelerate growth.

o   Innovation – We are the master decision makers who use the right tool in the right place at the right time.

o   Honesty – We approach situations with hard-hitting transparency, especially in the face of adversity. We treat your business as our own.

o   Stewardship – We have been entrusted to use our gifts, build a stronger economy, and embrace our purpose.

As you can see there isn’t a whole lot that varies between AMEND’s core values and my own. My core values are the reason I get up in the morning, and AMEND’s are why I come to work. I am able to align my personal mission in life with others’ – and a team who can collectively enforce accountability between each other. The point of everything anyone does missionally should be to find those in agreement with them, and then move together in community. That is what we have here at AMEND: a group of people with the same beliefs, purpose, and mission.